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Ecommerce Store Manager

Management of multiple eCommerce stores on third and first-party platforms

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Project Overview

This application was created to manage multiple eCommerce stores, inventory, and provide detailed sales analytics.

.Net Framework
Identity Server
Prestashop API
Ebay API
Google Sheets API

The Result

With the improved inventory control, the client significantly reduced the number of refunds due to products being shown as in-stock when in reality, the product was not currently available. The client was also able to consolidate their analytics and adjust companywide strategy based on the combined data of all their stores.

The Challenge

The client owned multiple eCommerce stores, some were eBay stores and others were their own online platform. In the past, the client sold the same inventory across stores but they ran into inventory management issues when one store would sell out and others would show the product in stock.

The Solution

Our team developed a web application using ASP.Net and MS SQL for employees to manage all eCommerce stores. This application focused on using APIs already provided by the eCommerce platforms to reduce project complexity.

Why RoseberryPi

We provide full lifecycle, desktop, web, mobile, and business process automation development services that are secure, reliable, and innovative.

maintenance warranty

Maintenance Warranty

Up to 6 months of bug fixes
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Proof of Concept

A POC included in total cost
agile development

Agile Methodology

Flexible & iterative development

Our Mission

Is to develop modern, reliable, and maintainable software to provide exceptional long-term value to our clients.

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