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We help businesses identify software needs and requirements, track KPIs, and develop their IT strategy.

IT Strategy Consulting

Our team helps business leaders develop their long-term and short-term IT strategy. We identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that are vital to understanding current software utilization and effectiveness and we use that information to provide insight on possible improvements. We also help businesses determine if custom software is the right choice.

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Our 3 Step Process

We analyze, strategize, and report on your current capabilities and how improvements can be made.


Our team digs deep into the foundation of your business to analyze your organization's current capabilities and software utilization.


Next, our analysts create a detailed plan-of-action tailored to your business that will put your organization on the path to success.


Finally, we report on the cost savings, efficiency gains, and any revenue increases that are possible with a custom software solution.

Areas of Opportunity

Data Analytics
Data Management
Data Integrity
Data Collection
Data Warehousing
Employee Management
Department Collaboration
Customer Management
Business Logistics
Resource Management
Process Reliability
Task Completion Speed
Process Automation
Process Integrity
Workflow Management
Sales Conversions
Marketing Reach
Client Retention
Financial Reporting
Audits & Compliance

Benefits of Custom Software

Custom software provides your business with the tools you need in a way that maximizes your ability to scale and provide truly unique services.



Custom software provides businesses with a scalable solution by enabling the software to be designed for long-term use. Unlike SaaS solutions, custom software focuses on businesses of all sizes.



Custom software can be far more cost effective than SaaS solutions. As the number of licenses required increases, the yearly cost of SaaS solutions grows significantly larger than custom software.



Custom software provides far more flexibility to businesses. It is designed to exactly match the needs and workflows of our clients and features can be quickly expanded as needs change.



Custom software increases productivity by creating workflows to be as efficient as possible rather than forcing users to a specific workflow that is generalized to many businesses.



Custom software provides clients with improved support and maintenance. The client chooses how their application should be supported in a way that aligns with their business.



Custom software provides a reliable method of integrating existing software and business processes by enabling the consolidation of existing solutions into a single application.

Our Process

Our engineers follow Agile principles to stay flexible, using quick and iterative development techniques that focus on feedback-based design. Our objective is ensuring you receive high quality, performant, and reliable software. We start with our Advantage Compatibility Analysis to understand your needs and determine the benefits of custom software for your unique business.

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Our development process is about combining intelligent business decisions with innovative technology.

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Why RoseberryPi

We provide full lifecycle, desktop, web, mobile, and business process automation development services that are secure, reliable, and innovative.

maintenance warranty

Maintenance Warranty

Up to 6 months of bug fixes
proof of concept

Proof of Concept

A POC included in total cost
agile development

Agile Methodology

Flexible & iterative development

Our Mission

Is to develop modern, reliable, and maintainable software to provide exceptional long-term value to our clients.

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