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Our team is focused on transparency and collaboration with our clients throughout the project life-cycle.

Process Overview

Our engineers follow Agile principles to stay flexible, using quick and iterative development techniques that focus on feedback-based design. We're focused on delivering a product that is business oriented and actually solves your problems. That means an application that is intuitive for users, built to be maintainable, and performant. Custom software is a major investment and our team will make sure the investment is worth it.

Development Roadmap

A process that puts you in full control of your software through transparency and collaboration.



We help your teams assess the needs of your business by studying your existing software, processes, and solutions to determine the best route to proceed. Once an initial assessment is completed, our team will begin planning the systems and requirements for a successful project.


Proof of Concept

Our team focuses initial development efforts on producing a POC to evaluate the intended solution and gather feedback directly from your teams. We then reassess the effectiveness of the solution and adjust features and workflows as determined necessary by your workforce.



This phase consists of prototyping, development, and initial testing of all features required to implement the solution you need. We utilize the Agile methodology to involve your teams in the design and evaluation of each feature, ensuring the ideal solution is achieved.


Testing & Polishing

During this phase, our team works to fix prelaunch bugs and to improve the user experience of our custom software solution. Throughout this phase, our team will work with your experts to ensure workflows within the application are efficient and effective.



During this phase, our teams will focus on training your employees on the setup and use of your new custom software application. Our teams will perform the initial setup of any required hardware, servers, and databases then launch the application to your users.



Our teams will aide in the final evaluation of your new software solution to ensure your needs were met and end-to-end improvements were made. We will include any necessary tools to help track and evaluate KPIs (key performance indicators) related to your new software solution.



After your new software solution is launched, our teams will work to ensure bug-fixes are implemented and pushed to production. We provide up to 6 months of maintenance for your new solution, including all bug-fixes.

Why RoseberryPi

We provide full lifecycle, desktop, web, mobile, and business process automation development services that are secure, reliable, and innovative.

maintenance warranty

Maintenance Warranty

Up to 6 months of bug fixes
proof of concept

Proof of Concept

A POC included in total cost
agile development

Agile Methodology

Flexible & iterative development

Our Mission

Is to develop modern, reliable, and maintainable software to provide exceptional long-term value to our clients.

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